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Earth Day 2021

Do you love the Earth?

So do we!

That’s why this year’s annual DFW Earth Day celebration will last the entire month of April!

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What was enjoyed during previous DFW Airport Earth Day events…

“All activities were well-planned and our scholars learned a lot about how to take care of their mother planet Earth.”

“My child came home more aware of and concerned for the environment.”

“Our kids said everything, the whole event, was GREAT! Especially making the airplane money bank, the food, and touching the Boa Constrictor. I also liked the cool maze game included in the swag bag that kept little hands busy!”

Mark your calendars beginning April 1st for a full month of Planes, Rain, and Atmosphere featuring videos, science experiments, art activities, and Q&A sessions with Airport professionals, scientists, and engineers. Online and interactive content will include climate, aviation, water treatment, sustainability, wildlife, and other amazing STEAM topics.

Though most appropriate for grades 6-9, all Earth enthusiasts are welcome, and content targeting K-5 will also be available. Starting on February 16th, schools will be able to register for STEAM activity kits designed to supplement the content available on the DFW Earth Day 2021 virtual event platform. All other content will be freely available for the entire month and will not require pre-registration.

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In 2021, we are embracing citizen science, or public participation in scientific research, with the goal of contributing meaningful data about ecosystems while also stimulating scientific curiosity and enthusiasm for the natural world.

DFW Environmental Affair Department will prepare a limited number of STEAM activity kits with supplies for lessons relating to local wildlife and water quality. Schools may register for one or more of the STEAM activities, but supplies are limited. Kits will generally be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, but priority will be given to classes (or groups) with at least 25 students to maximize engagement.

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