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Safety and Security

DFW Department of Public Safety’s Security Services

It is the mission of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to ensure the protection of life and property through the effective and efficient delivery of professional service to the airport community.
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Safety and Security
at the Career Expo

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is happy to have you as our guests at the Aviation & Transportation Career Expo and will do everything to ensure that your experience is safe and enjoyable.

To promote safety and security at the Career Expo, we ask for your cooperation in adhering to the following on-site activity instructions and restrictions:
  • The Career Expo is held at an active maintenance base for American Airlines and CAUTION SHOULD BE USED AT ALL TIMES during the event. Please be respectful of our facility (including restricted access areas), our equipment and above all, our staff.
  • Teachers and chaperones should always be aware of their student’s location, not allowing them to wander unsupervised, and students should not engage in horseplay of any kind during the event.
  • STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE HANGAR INTERIOR and may tour only the outside event area/ramp. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all event participants, please respect all property restrictions and do not cross any barricades, caution tape or fences.
  • Students should ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION from the owner/pilot of the static aircraft/vehicle before touching or climbing on the display(s).
  • Please respect all directions, instructions or requests made by event Volunteers, Security Personnel, American Airlines Employees and Parking Staff.
  • Safety and Security are essential. If you see any suspicious behavior, please report it to an event Volunteer or Dallas Fort Worth Department of Public Safety Police Officer.
DFW Airport thanks you for your cooperation.
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